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About Us


Galar Vines is a wineventure that carries millennia of tradition infused with love for science and nature. As often with life, the founders of Galar Vines found themselves in a juncture and embracing the window of opportunity to venture into another adventure, went all in. These “Accidental Winemakers” invested their belief in Armenia, nature, tradition and science, and with collaboration from the best institutions and experts, started creating the beloved Armenian wine that is Galar.


The Galar

The Galar holds a trident of symbolism:

1. Galar means winding: a curved or sinuous course, line or progress.

The Galar is a road. It illustrates the unforeseen twists in life through which we all venture. More specifically, it speaks of the journey of the founders and the unanticipated twist in their life’s path that brought them together, and more so placed them on the path of winemaking.

Galar encourages us to embrace the curves of life.


2. Galar means coiled.

The Galar is a grapevine trunk. It symbolizes the strong foundation in place, identity and history. It speaks of the ancestral bond of carrying on experiences and their eventual revival, along with the re-awakening of our land which has not been cultivated for more than 15 years and which now will see baby vines growing proud and strong.

Galar inspires us to embrace the past and reach for a better future.


3. Galar means curly.

Galar is wine. It symbolises what is simply in the bottle. The swirl of wine as it is poured into a glass, captured in a moment of its journey.

Galar incites us to live in the moment, taking pleasure in the everyday and the extraordinary.




Go ahead. Feel the Galar. It’s right there on the bottle.


First Steps


The year the wineventure began

Production Begins


The production of our first vintage, 100% Haghtanak, dry red wine begins

The First Vintage

Summer 2020

100% Haghtanak, Reserve, Dry Red Wine enters the market

Second Vintage

Early Fall 2020

The production of the second vintage begins. Dry red wine from Haghtanak grape and Dry white wine from Voskehat grape.

Vineyard Establishment

Late Fall 2020

Works to establish a vineyard begin.

Market Entry


Second vintages: classic, Haghtanak, dry red wine and classic Voskehat dry white wine enter the market.

Fourth and Fifth Vintages


Production of Reserve Dry Red Wine and Reserve Dry White Wine continue.



Reserve Dry Red Wine and Reserve Dry White Wine enter the market.